We are a small social enterprise. We design and deliver positive, life-affirming experiences in the form of experiential study programmes, development programmes and facilitated events.

We're here to support programmes of learning, personal & team development, and community engagement. 

Organisations we work with include schools and universities, public services, business groups, NGOs, gap year organisers, activists and network builders.

We are a network of freelancers who are involved with different local initiatives and enterprises.  As such we draw on a broad range of experiences and expertise. This includes corporate training, enterprise start-up, youth development, adventure education and expeditions, improvisational theatre, conference and event organisation, community engagement, nature connection work and social and environmental activism.  

Our passion and skill is engaging people positively with their future with purpose, vision and action.   In the process we nurture an understanding of resilience and the leadership to realise it.

In 2007…
The original idea was to create a learning journey of adventure and inspiration following our River Dart here in South Devon, England, inspired by experience leading in remote parts of the world and an awareness of the impending climate emergency.

This idea diverged and evolved on contact with one of the inspiring initiatives that was coming to life in this fertile valley. For the following ten years or so the evolution of the Futurebound idea went, in many ways, hand in hand with that of Transition Town Totnes and the Transition Network.

This citizen-led ‘Transition movement’ has been pioneering ways we can organise ourselves to make our  communities more resilient to the big global issues that are challenging society today.

This required fresh approaches to awareness-raising and educating ourselves, as well as getting really good at facilitating big group meetings and events that embrace diversity, are inclusive and unleash the creativity of the people involved. 

As we got better at this, we were invited to run study tours and events for other people and we developed expertise and a service we now offer more widely. 

The Transition Town idea inadvertently made our town of Totnes a little bit famous, particularly with the audacious launch of its own currency, The Totnes Pound.  Visitors started to come from far and wide to learn what was going on.   It became important to provide visitors with a quality experience that also included the wider range of innovation that is happening here, in a way that was relevant to them. 

It is easy to read the history and geography in the towns and landscape of the River Dart and so this area was already a popular destination for field trips and domestic tourism. More recently, Dartmouth and Totnes have established reputations for their strong local food culture and Totnes and Dartington for sustainability innovation.  All this (and a few other gems along the way) provide for inspiring study programmes that are packed with fun and purpose and provide long-lasting memories.

Futurebound was setup as a social enterprise:
- to use the profits from our work to support resilience-building activities in our community, and
- to cross-subsidise programmes so that we can offer discounts to local schools, NGOs and activists who would not otherwise be able to afford our services.  
Profits generated rom our Transition Town and REconomy Tours supports the charitable work of Transition Town Totnes (registered charity 1138865).


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