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study program
and seminars

for the new generation of leaders
and those about to change their world.

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Based in Totnes
and the River Dart region of
South Devon, England, UK.

Fun and practical
with a range of
activities and visits to
and inspire, with time and space for depth, detail and reflection.

A variety of challenging and inspiring activities
suited to your group. Led by experienced facilitators
and educators from diverse, interesting backgrounds.

Engage with the issues of our time.
Build a positive vision of the future.
Take action today.


Town Tour

Real experience of resilience-building from the grassroots.

Discover how citizens mobilised in their communities when they saw governments and businesses were not acting fast enough.
They accidentally started a movement that made our town a little bit famous!

Key concepts: Resilience, Diversity, Community, Localisation.
The ONLY official study tour of Transition Town Totnes.


Community-Supported Enterprise
in Action

Take a look at economics through the local lens.
Focus on community engagement as a method for economic development, and the role of business in facilitating change.
Meet entrepreneurs and activists who are giving it a go.

Key concepts: resilience & diversity, regeneration, needs & asset-based development, capacity-building, social & sustainable enterprise.

Land, Food, Futures

From field to fork, plant to policy, soil to solutions

Explore an emerging localised food system and meet the community of people behind it.
Learn the role of food in achieving community resilience, economic development, ecological recovery and net zero.

Key concepts include: Resilience & Diversity, Succession, Regenerative Agriculture, Rewilding, Community Supported Agriculture, Organic, Biodynamic, Permaculture, Conventional vs Traditional Agriculture, Food Poverty. 

through Time

Canoe Adventure
on the River Dart estuary

Connect the historic towns of Totnes and Dartmouth.
Travel through key moments in history to today and our possible future.
Visit the birthplace of the industrial revolution and the world's first Transition Town.
Learn bushcraft skills of our ancestors.

Key concepts include: challenge, risk, resilience, adventure and what it takes to be a pioneer.

Multi-day & Bespoke

Dive deeper, go further,
maximise impact

Overnight in Totnes to get a better feel for this special town and community.
Include a greater variety of activities, and time for reflection, depth and down time.
Allow progression of ideas and concepts and new lines of enquiry to emerge.
Embed the experience in a broader programme of learning and growth.
Deepen relationships, connections and memories.

Give more time and space to focus on your students' needs, ensuring a more personal, powerful and memorable experience.

“I remain so grateful to you and the wonderful way
you connected me and my group of students to such inspiring people and places.
You are a brilliant facilitator!”


Why book one of our programmes? 


GCSE, A-Level, Undergraduate and Post Graduate course enrichment. Relevant to Geography, Economics, Sustainable Development, Urban Planning, Food and more! 

Foreign language and study-abroad school trips.

Design and permaculture.    

We work with many UK and international universities, colleges and schools.


Time out together with fun and purpose.

Challenge assumptions, see change in action, inspire new ideas, and eat great food!

Awareness + Agency = Action.  
Combine an inspiring tour with a facilitated strategy session.  

We have worked with many UK and international NGOs, councils, business teams, policy groups and networks.


Develop resilience, leadership and co-operative life skills.

Reaffirm a positive world view and vision for the future. 

Connect with change makers and networks.

Address eco-anxiety and disempowerment. Learn to live well in a changing world 

We have worked with many UK and international youth development and gap-year providers.