inspiring resilience with
Our passion and skill is engaging people positively with their future with purpose, vision and action.  
In the process we nurture an understanding of resilience and the leadership to realise it.
for the new generation
of leaders and those about
to change their world.

Study Programmes
and Seminars

“I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful programme that you put together for us. It was brilliantly hosted and very intelligently designed, easily the best day out we have had this academic year.“

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for those on the frontline and
at the heart and centre of it all

Team and Event

“Brilliant .. approach and style..  momentum .. practical .. strength of participation .. outcomes .. Yes, it really worked!” 

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what we do

We deliver inspirational,
experiential, mixed-activity programmes and events for education, personal & team development, and community engagement.

what you do

Students learn, teams
and organisations align, and we all develop our capacity to lead, take action and realise our potential in a changing world.

We are a social enterprise

We use the profits from our work to support resilience-building activities in our community and to cross-subsidise programmes so that we can offer discounts to local schools, NGOs and activists who would not otherwise be able to afford our services.  Profits generated from our Transition Town and REconomy Tours supports the charitable work of Transition Town Totnes (Registered Charity 1138865).

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